Mental Therapy and Counseling near Tampa, FL

Addiction therapy encompasses a variety of addictions—from alcohol and drugs to food and sex. Seeking professional addiction counseling services from trusted therapists can be the stepping stone you need to gain control of your life.

Are you seeking addiction therapy to regain control of your life? It’s time to do more than just temporarily relieve your symptoms. New Life 360 is here to help you begin and succeed in your addiction recovery journey. We provide specialized, individualized outpatient therapy services designed to provide you with a more intensive level of care and support.

Our trained and experienced licensed counselors will help you establish a firm foundation for long-term recovery. We are here to guide you towards building a lifestyle of recovery as well as help you to mend important relationships as you progress through the treatment process.

With addiction therapy from New Life 360, you will discover more about yourself and the factors affecting your quality of life. Our therapists offer the kind support and professional guidance you need to make powerful changes in your life needed to accomplish your goals.

“When clients come to my office, they will not leave the same way. Each and every time, they should leave New Life 360 changed, more equipped, more healed, and more transformed.”
– Sherry Bradley, LCSW, MCAP, CEO and Founder of New Life 360

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