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Where can you turn for therapy when you have an addiction to alcohol or drugs? Find out how New Life 360 can help.

Addictions to alcohol and drugs can wreak havoc on your life. In fact, if you are struggling with this type of addiction you may be feeling hopeless and stuck in a discouraging, self-perpetuating cycle. Do any of these phrases sound familiar?

Whether you are addicted to drugs, alcohol, or both, there’s a way out. At New Life 360, we believe in you and believe with the right tools, strategies, and support, you can experience a new life free from addictions. You can feel hopeful again. You can repair broken relationships. You can live your life in peace—free from the stronghold of drugs and alcohol. And we are here to help you do it.

Alcohol and Drug Counseling

You may be wondering if your situation warrants professional addiction counseling. Here are the signs and symptoms that show you need help

If any of these symptoms fit your situation, you need to seek professional counseling right away. Without the right support and services, you will find the symptoms will worsen with time. Your life is valuable, and it is never too late to take back control from drugs and alcohol. You can take the steps today to turn your life around.

Sign and Symptoms of Alcohol and Drug

  • Usage of substances that are highly addictive and often create dependence after only a few uses, such as heroin, cocaine, or methamphetamine
  • Need to self-medicate with prescription drugs, recreational drugs, or alcohol in order to deal with painful emotions or experiences
  • Need to use alcohol or drugs to get through a typical day
  • The feeling that addictive substances are taking over your life
  • Missed work days or social life opportunities due to drug or alcohol use
  • Financial or legal problems due to drugs or alcohol
  • Lying about or hiding substance use
  • Strained relationships
  • Lack of control around drugs or alcohol or wanting to stop but being unable to do so
  • Need for larger amounts of drugs or alcohol in order to achieve the desired effects
  • Unpleasant physical or emotional withdrawal symptoms when not using the substance

Compassionate Counseling at New Life 360

At New Life 360, our caring therapists are here to provide customized alcohol and drug counseling services to meet your unique needs. We take a person-centered approach, providing a thorough assessment and connecting you with the treatments necessary to ensure you succeed in your recovery journey.
Our services include one-on-one outpatient counseling and group therapy—both designed specifically with your goals in mind. Group therapy opens a whole other realm of learning from your peers, life skills building, personal coaching,

and character building to guide you as you carve out a new path for your life free from substance abuse. Our counselors are dedicated to guiding you every step of the way as you find real, long-lasting solutions to help you create the life you want and deserve.

Connect with our counselling team at New Life 360 today to schedule a free 15 minute counselling with one of our qualified alcohol and drugs therapists.