Mental Therapy and Counseling near Tampa, FL

Are you suffering from addictions that don’t fit into typical categories? Get the specialized counseling services you need for other addictions such as gambling, video games, shopping, social media, and smart phone use at New Life 360.

You may be struggling with addictions that don’t fall into the typical categories of drugs, alcohol, sex, eating disorders, and self-harm. That doesn’t mean there aren’t professional counseling services available to help you. Whether your addiction is gambling, shopping, video games, social media, or smart phone use, you can find help at New Life 360.

Feeling out of control with an addiction is a scary place to be. Even if an addiction isn’t life threatening, it can significantly impact your quality of life and relationships. Reaching out to experienced counselors who understand addiction and recovery can make a major difference in your life and help you get on the road to freedom.

Continuing to battle your addictions alone will only exacerbate your problems and increase your isolation. Hope is here at New Life 360.

How to Know If You Need Addiction Counseling

You may not know anyone else with your addiction, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a real problem in your life. It also doesn’t mean there aren’t therapy services for you. If you are experiencing any of the following signs or symptoms, we have the specialized counseling for you

Sign and Symptoms of Other Addictions

  • Engaging in addictive behaviors that interfere with relationships, work life, or social interactions
  • Getting a high or sense of euphoria when engaging in behavior
  • Allowing behavior to get in the way of responsibilities at work or home
  • Consistently using technology, gambling, shopping, or other activities to serve as an escape from dealing with emotions
  • Experiencing financial hardship, lost relationships or employment due to behavior
  • Receiving ultimatums from a partner or loved ones because of the behavior
  • Difficulty controlling or managing behavior
  • Feeling intense guilt or shame because of behavior
  • Hiding or being secretive about the activity

New Life 360 Can Bring Freedom from Addictions

If you feel like an addiction is holding you back in life, you deserve a better path. At New Life 360, our compassionate counselors customize services to meet your specific
needs—no matter the addiction, there is something for you. With increased access to the internet, addictions to gambling, social media, and smart phone usage are rapidly rising. These are real addictions that require professional counseling.

When you reach out to our caring team, you will be met by a nonjudgmental counselor who has your best interests and well-being in mind. After a thorough assessment,

your counselor will find the right treatment plan to help you get on the road to recovery. We offer individualized
one-on-one counseling and therapy groups to equip you with the support, tools, and strategies you need to experience a full recovery.

Through our counseling services, you will learn to conquer your addictions and achieve the life you want free from the

hold of addictions. There’s no shame in reaching out. In fact, making that call to our office will be the best thing you can do for you and your loved ones, and we will support you every step of the way.

Connect with our counselling team at New Life 360 today to schedule a free 15 minute counselling with one of our qualified other addictions therapists.