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Are you involved in self-harming behaviors? Is it finally time to seek professional self-harm counseling to experience a better place in your life? Learn how to find healing at New Life 360.

Are you using self-harm as a way to experience emotional release in your life? You may be feeling like you are alone and in a hopeless situation. Or perhaps you don’t know how to live with your emotions or feelings without self-harming. At New Life 360, we want you to know there is hope and a recovery plan that can help you to develop healthy coping mechanisms to manage your emotional pain. The sooner you connect with us, the sooner you can begin a new life that doesn’t involve self-harming behaviors.

Without professional counseling, you may feel like you are in an uphill battle every day. It can be exhausting to try so hard to stop the self-harming behaviors. In fact, unless you turn to caring professionals for help, you may find yourself in a life-threatening situation. You deserve a better life free from self-injurious behaviors and the fear, shame, and danger that come from these behaviors. Our experienced New Life 360 counselors are here to help you finally find freedom from self-harm.

How to Know If You Need Self-Harm Counseling

You may be self-injuring in secret, or others may know about it. Either way, here are the signs it’s time to seek help for the behavior.

Sign and Symptoms of Self-Harm

  • Engaging in cutting, burning, biting hitting, hair-pulling, scratching, piercing, skin-carving or any other behaviors that cause injury to self
  • Covering up self-injuries by wearing long-sleeves and long pants
  • Keeping sharp objects or other items that can be used to cause self-harm
  • Hiding injuries from others
  • Telling others you have accidental injuries when you caused them yourself
  • Obsessive thoughts or compulsions to injure yourself
  • The inability to stop self-harming behaviors even if you want to stop
  • Feeling unable to manage emotions without self-harming

Help through Professional Self-Harm Counseling

While it is common and sometimes even glamorized in our society, the truth is self-injury is serious and requires specialized counseling services from a licensed therapist. At New Life 360, our experienced counselors are available to help you recover from self-harming behavior and to find new ways for managing your emotions. We take a compassionate, person-centered approach, so you will feel supported and safe every step of the way in your recovery journey.

Even if the idea of recovery seems impossible right now,

with the right counseling and effective coping skills, you can experience a life transformation. Not only will you learn to stop self-harming, but you will develop the skills to cope with your emotions and life challenges in a way that brings freedom, confidence, and peace.

When you reach out to New Life 360, our therapists will provide a thorough assessment to determine the right services to meet your needs. Our one-on-one counseling services and therapy groups have helped countless people like you to experience a full recovery from self-harming behaviors. Let us help you to do the same. Self-harm doesn’t have to be a part of your life anymore.

Connect with our counselling team at New Life 360 today to schedule a free 15 minute counselling with one of our qualified self-harm therapists.