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Grief and depression can take you from living a happy life to worrying about getting through each day. With support from New Life 360, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Anyone who has ever lost someone they love, whether a friend, family member, or beloved pet, understands the intense feelings grief can bring. Depression can often feel similar to grief, even if the source is different. Both can bring overwhelming feelings of sadness, disinterest in your daily activities, reluctance to socialize, poor appetite, trouble sleeping, and feelings of hopelessness. It is, however, important to make the distinction between the two.


Grief is a natural response to loss or the death of someone close to you. The experience is painful, and healing can be a long and difficult process. Though we often think grief only comes when someone dies, it is an emotion that is very individual and can be felt at different times and for varying reasons. It could be a death, but it could be brought on by feelings of intense loss such as the loss of a close and meaningful relationship, a terminal diagnosis, the loss of independence due to age or illness, personal injury, or the failure or collapse of a personal goal or dream. Symptoms of grief can be different for everyone. Common feelings of grief can include

Sign and Symptoms of Grief

  • Overwhelming emotional pain
  • Shock
  • Emptiness or feelings of hopelessness
  • Anxiety, anger, or agitation
  • Despair
  • Numbness
  • Loss of interest in daily activities
  • General sense of apathy
  • Disbelief or denial
  • Fear of additional loss
  • Loneliness or feelings of isolation


In extreme cases, grief can lead to depression; however, depression is a different disorder than grief. It is more persistent than grief and generally doesn’t ebb and flow the way grief does. Also, the feelings of sadness are different in that they are not connected to a specific event or loss the way grief is. Depression can lead to feelings of worthlessness, the inability to concentrate or make decisions, loss of energy, extreme fatigue, loss of interest in things that once brought joy, increased anxiety, and thoughts of death or suicide. It is a serious condition that requires professional attention. It can

affect every aspect of your life and can keep you from experiencing the happiness, joy, and fulfillment you deserve.

Both grief and depression can have a significant impact on your life and sense of well-being. New Life 360 offers hope for those suffering from the feelings that go along with either. With compassionate care and a specific approach that works best for your particular needs, we can help you move through the feelings and come out on the other side.

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