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4 Common Mental and Emotional Issues During the Holidays

It’s hard to have a holly, jolly Christmas when nearly 1 in 5 adults struggles with mental and emotional issues. Discover which ones are most common during the holiday season.

Shorter days and plummeting temperatures indicate the holiday season is finally here. But this most wonderful time of the year isn’t all mistletoe and jingle bells for everyone. The holidays can also trigger a range of mental and emotional issues.

The holiday blues are very much a real phenomenon. There is a lot of societal pressure for people to act merry and celebratory around the clock. Although many put on a happy face to spread good tidings and cheer, it’s often a mask. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, 24% of adults diagnosed with a mental illness say their condition is “a lot” worse during the holidays. Another 40% experience “somewhat” worsening symptoms.

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Social Media Effects on Teens

Nearly three-thirds of teens have social media profiles, but is social killing your teenager? Discover how these platforms can be detrimental to their emotional and mental health.

Do you know how social media effects teens?  Social media has become a standard way for teenagers to connect. Smartphones and laptops have long since replaced corded landlines. Many teenagers won’t even leave their house without one of these devices in tow. And Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter are some of the top mobile apps they download.

Social media gives teens a way to interact with their peers without being face-to-face. Most young people engage on at least one of these platforms each day. But it sometimes does more harm than good.

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