Mental Therapy and Counseling near Tampa, FL

What is DBT therapy?

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a type of psychotherapy that uses a cognitive-behavioral approach and highlights the psychosocial aspects of treatment.  It was originally used to treat those with borderline personality disorder, those who see things in black and white and have extreme mood swings but has since been proven to help with many other mental health disorders.  Dialectics are the mind’s way of understanding concepts by understanding and appreciating their complete opposites.  For example, imagine you like brownies with walnuts and your friend thinks all brownies should be baked nut free.  You both discuss and defend your opinions, looking to establish a truth.  Dialectics is the art of discussing the truth behind both viewpoints, of with neither is incorrect.  Now imaging your mind struggling with polar opposite concepts such as the more you want to be in control of your life, the more out of control life seems.

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) provides clients with new skills to manage painful emotions and decrease conflict in relationships. DBT specifically focuses on providing therapeutic skills in four key areas. Mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation and interpersonal effectiveness.

DBT was originally developed to treat borderline personality disorder. However, research shows that DBT has also been used successfully to treat people experiencing depression, bulimia, binge-eating, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic-stress disorder, and substance abuse.

Helps With...

  • Suicidal Ideations or Attempts
  • Self-harm, such as Cutting
  • Substance Abuse
  • Depression and Anxiety Disorders
  • Eating Disorders

Who is DBT therapy for?

DBT is a proven treatment for a wide range of personal problems and mental health disorders.  It can help those suffering from interpersonal relationship issues, impulse control, and emotional dysregulation.

What should I expect during the therapy session?

Here at New Life 360, Inc we will use the four modules of DBT which are: Mindfulness, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Emotion Regulation, and Distress Tolerance. You will learn how to practice mindfulness, which is just about being focused on the present rather than lost in your head about what might happen in the future or what has happened in the past. You will learn Interpersonal Effectiveness skills that teach you to navigate difficult interpersonal situations. We will use the Emotion Regulation module to teach you ways to manage your emotions in different types of situations. You will learn how to identify what you are feeling, how to determine if your emotions align appropriately with the current situation, and what to do if your emotions do not align appropriately. We will also teach you how to handle stressful situations using Distress Tolerance.

How do I get started with New Life 360, Inc. to receive this type of therapy?

At New Life 360, Inc. we have trained therapists who can answer any questions you may have about the therapeutic process and how to get started. The earliest appointment will be scheduled with a professional of your choice. We have qualified staff that are specialized in various types of therapy that can assist you with your presenting problems. It is recommended that you review any questions or concerns regarding the process that you may have. An evaluation and treatment planning is prepared for an accurate assessment of the problem and how to best treat the problem.