Our Program

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

This program is structured towards assisting individuals with overcoming and managing symptoms of mental health, behavioral health, and/or substance use problems. This type of specialized outpatient provides more structure and a more intensive level of care than a standard outpatient program while still accommodating a person’s schedule. It allows individuals to receive thorough treatment that fully addresses their needs in a less restrictive environment than that which is offered in partial hospitalization program (PHP), inpatient treatment, or residential care.

Individuals who are seeking to engage in the IOP program must first undergo a thorough psychosocial assessment to determinethat an intensive outpatient program will be of the most benefit to the individual seeking treatment. If it is determined that a client is not appropriate for IOP after a thorough assessment is completed, our team will refer the individual to a program that will best meet their needs. IOP is recommended for those who do not need to medically detox from substances.

With the intensive outpatient treatment, an individual is able to establish a foundation for long-term recovery support in his/her local community. This helps to build a personal lifestyle of recovery, as well as mend important relationships during their treatment progress.

All individuals who attend IOP treatment received individualized treatment plans that are geared to meet the unique needs of the individual.A treatment plan is a tool that is used to shape the focus of mental health, behavioral, and/or substance use therapy. This is a way that develops opportunities for change and growth that the individual seeking treatment can express his/her personal treatment goals and receive the guidance needed to complete their goals. Individualized treatment plans will include a variety of therapeutic interventions, which may include medication management, group therapy, individual therapy, family therapy, and a continuum of care.