Mental Therapy and Counseling near Tampa, FL

Are you ready to make positive changes in your life? With help from an experienced, compassionate therapist, you can be on the road to a happier you.

At New Life 360, we believe people are adaptive, creative, and capable of finding healthy solutions that work for them. We believe that if you are feeling overwhelmed, it is not a sign of weakness but a sign you could use a supportive professionals who can help you sort through the thoughts and feelings you are experiencing. When you come to New Life 360, you will find there is no judgment, just professional therapy services designed to help you live life proactively and responsively rather than reactively. We are here and ready to help you by assessing your strengths and challenges and then developing a plan tailored to meet your individual needs so you can get on the road to recovery and to living a more productive, rewarding, and fulfilling life.

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Are you ready to move beyond the feelings of anxiety, depression, grief, shame, and hopelessness that come from dealing with issues that feel like they are beyond your ability to control? New Life 360 is here to help with our professional therapy services. We can get you on the road to recovery and to a better, happier, more productive, and fulfilling life.

From the first call to our office, you will experience compassionate therapy services customized to meet your unique needs. The New Life 360 counseling team offers individualized therapy for many mental health and life issues. We use a variety of modalities and specialties, including dialectical behavior therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, anger management, and more. Because each individual has different needs, we provide a thorough assessment to determine the right strategy for your recovery journey and success.

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“When clients come to my office, it is my purpose to ensure that they will not leave the same way they came in. Every time a client attends therapy, they should leave more equipped, more healed, and more transformed. Giving them a New perspective, New skills, and New hope. That is what New Life 360 is all about.”
– Sherry Bradley, LCSW, MCAP, CEO and Founder of New Life 360