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Our Vision

The vision at New Life 360° is to provide excellent standard of treatment programs that foster healing, growth, and change in a community of people who have experienced emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual dilemmas.Mission. Our mission is to serve and empower individuals, families, and the community, by creating connection, healing, transformational treatment experience. It is the belief of New Life 360° that mental health and addiction are complex, chronic, and treatable. Through an array of modalities people can live successful lives by managing their disorder with skills and tools that maximize functionality of client’s lives.

Our Values

New Life 360° values the following as core components of our underlying beliefs:

We strive for a high benchmark of quality standard of care.

We seek to achieve a quality of being honest and having strong moralprinciples.

We offer highly trained professional staff to provide effective services in the therapeutic environment.

We create wholeness and unity within the confines of our program
Other values include: diversity, education, and teamwork

Our Philosophy

New Life 360° offers a multi-dimensional treatment program designed to educate, teach, support, and promote long-term stabilization of mental health and substance abuse problems. The program is designed to use a holistic approach to wellness by integrating various therapeutic modalities to meet the client’s goals for treatment, recovery, and stabilization.

Our program provides an interdisciplinary team of experts who collaborate with each other in identifying client’s needs and goal. We believe that it is imperative to the client’s desired outcome that they have the opportunity to be treated by credentialed, experienced, qualified, and skilled staff that will utilize best practices to implement person-centered treatment to assist the client in achieving their treatment goals.

By employing a collaborative approach to client care, we are able to treat the whole person and not just the problem. At New Life 360° we use therapeutic modalities such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Trauma Focused Therapy, 12 Step Theories, EMDR, as well as non-traditional skills including Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, and Spirituality to offer various techniques to wellness and healing.

Our Story

New Life 360, Inc. is a counseling agency for adolescents/teen, adults, and military veterans seeking therapy for mental health, substance abuse, and co-occurring disorders. New Life 360° offers state-of-the-art treatment modalities including integrated holistic therapies including traditional and non-traditional treatments. The program combines evidence-based therapies with alternative interventions.

The visionary behind New Life 360° is founded on the belief

that recovery from any and all forms of human suffering is a multi-faceted process because each form of suffering has many levels. For one to truly reap the benefits of full recovery, each level of suffering must be identified and addressed through counseling, education, or ongoing personal healing and growth.Assessing and meeting client needs is the fundamental idea of New Life 360°. The program is driven to achieve excellence of care by creating community partnerships, employing strategic planning,and developing goal-oriented, evidenced-based programs. By creating an atmosphere of inclusion and support, clients gain the skills and education to learn how to continue the growth and healing process.

New Life 360° is an organization that was founded to meet the growing needs of suffering people in the Hillsborough County, Florida and surrounding communities. The facility offers multi-level services including IOP, OP, and individual and family counseling. It is designed to meet the needs of individuals, families, and the community who have experienced mental health and substance abuse issues of their own personal needs or the needs of loved ones. New Life 360° offers mental health and substance abuse counseling including intensive outpatient services, outpatient, individual, couples, and family therapy. New Life 360° treats with compassion and dignity everyone who comes to us for assistance with drug or alcohol dependence and mental health issues. New Life 360° is an up and coming trusted provider of treatment that will provide quality and excellent care for the clients that we serve.

New Life 360° is designed to have a dynamic team of professionals that will be an impact in the world by serving to encourage, renew, and transform lives. New Life 360° is created based on principled, dedicated, and knowledgeable professionals that understand, appreciate, and honor the inherent value of our clients, staff,volunteers, and community partners.

The keys to continued success is in building and nurturing relationships, offering access to individualized care, and improving outcomes for diverse populations. New Life 360° staff will develop and improve previously implemented systems of care, expand services to special populations, and reduce other imbalances in services and treatments offered to clients, to fulfill our purpose of empowering, renewing and transforming human needs. We provide innovative care, friendly staff, and the highest quality services to our unique clientele.

Meet the Team

Sherry Bradley

Sherry Bradley

CEO And Founder

Sherry Bradley LCSW, MCAP, President is one of the founding members of New Life 360° and is named CEO of the program in August 2018.

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Caitlin Dixon

Caitlin Dixon


Caitlin has experience counseling individuals, couples, families, and groups, all of varying ages, populations, backgrounds, and mental health related concerns.

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Kimberly Meek

Kimberly Meek


Kimberly Meek came to New Life 360 as an Individual and Group Therapist Intern in 2020 and stayed once her internship was complete.

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Jamaca Bradley

Jamaca Bradley


Jamaca will be that friendly face you will see when you first come into the office to assist you with making your transition into therapy warm and welcoming.

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